5 Reasons Why Children Like to Pick Their Own Clothes

Children can be very difficult to buy clothes for especially when they are young. Often, they don’t like a piece of clothing for the smallest reason. Children pick why they like a piece of clothing based on a few different things, some are normal to us, and others are specific to them. One of the ways they pick a product is because of the design. Another way they choose their clothing is based on what they see other children wearing. They also decide if they like a piece of clothing based on feel of the material, children tend to get irritated by certain materials more than adults do.

A reason why children like to pick their own clothes is because they see people around them wearing similar things and like the look of them and in a sense want to be as cool as them. Children are often influenced by those around them. Children are in school often and they make a lot of friends, when they visit them, they will see the clothes they are wearing and will take notice of what they like. For this reason, they like to pick their own clothes, so they feel they fit in with their peers. 

Children also like to pick their own clothes because of the design that the item of clothing has. They often will go looking for clothes with their parent who will be buying the clothes for their child and therefore will be able to see the selection of designs available for them. They like to pick their own clothes because it allows them to have freedom and individuality by wearing a design they like. The designs help children feel like they are their own person and can wear what they want.

Our formal wear range

Kids can get irritated by fabric a lot more easily than most adults do. For them this is a key reason why they like to pick their own clothes as they are choosing ones that they know they can wear comfortably. A parent might choose a hoodie which fabric feels abrasive to the child, making them uncomfortable and refusing to wear this item of clothing. For a child they would prefer to be in something they are comfortable with because they are going to be active and moving around throughout their day and need to be in a position of comfort. 

A reason why kids like to pick their own clothes, especially plus size children. Is because they can pick clothes that fit their body and make them look good, while giving them a confidence boost. Our plus size children’s clothes help children to feel comfortable and confident in themselves no matter their build. We have a wide range of clothes to help sturdy build children for example boys plus fit rousers, sturdy fit hoodies, plus size generous fit jeans, plus size formal wear and more. We aim to help those children who don’t feel comfortable in their clothes and want something else. 

The plus size children’s clothes we stock allow children to have the freedom to choose what they want to wear. This helps to boost their self-esteem. The ability to pick their own clothes really helps to boost a Childs self-esteem.

In conclusion Children like to pick their own clothes for several reasons. 

  1. They are heavily influenced by what other Children are wearing and also by those  to whom they aspire . 
  2. They like to feel they have the freedom and individuality they crave, and this is an important factor in their emotional wellbeing. 
  3. Children move around a great deal and so need clothing that’s comfortable. By choosing their own clothes they can decide what is and is not comfortable.
  4. By being able to pick what they like, helps children feel like they are their own person and can wear what they want.
  5. Kids like to pick their own clothes, especially plus size children. because they can pick clothes that fit their body and make them look good, while giving them a confidence boost.

The more for kids Journey

More for kids

Feeling inspired…

So many businesses seem to start as a moment of inspiration backed by lots of hard work. Perhaps they’ve spotted a gap in the market or thought of a product they, and a few thousand others, need – (well done the Trunki inventor!) ‘more for kids’ started as a spark of an idea when my children were younger. My two children were both generously proportioned and trying to find them something to wear they liked was so frustrating. Kids fashion did not work for them. They wanted to look like their friends and it was so hard hunting round the shops for something they would be happy with, and of course that fitted. The days of cut-down adult fashion needed to be over!

Start of the journey…

My journey into creating ‘more for kids’ had started with inspiration from my family, and the realisation we weren’t the only ones who wanted fashionable, quality clothing that fitted sturdy kids. My background has always been in retail, from buying and developing clothes at M&S to heading up a design team at a watch supplier. These roles gave me some brilliant insight into the fashion business but running one yourself is definitely different. I was now responsible for organising everything from designing the kids’ clothes to finding suppliers and creating a website – the list seemed never ending sometimes. It was great to have the help of my family and close friends who supported and encouraged me along the way.

The launch and after…

The launch of ‘more for kids’ was an exciting day for us all as we’d all been so involved. We are still on our journey, and evolving our business as fashions change, and moving into new areas such as formal wear.

The testimonials from very satisfied customers tells us we have got things right and it gives us a great deal of pleasure to have been instrumental in helping larger kids feel good about themselves. Thank you for joining us on our journey – #KidsDeserveToFeelGood